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Mainswitch Bios



 -  Lead Singer

Our freakishly energetic (well, just freaky) frontman is one of the founding members of MAINSWITCH!

Crow has sang in choirs and musical theatre for years. Still a relative newcomer to the rock´n´roll genre, to hear him belt out the Cooper, AC/DC, Ozzy, etc. you would think he had been doing it all his life.

Crow likes the leather, chains, spikes and whips. Influenced largely by Alice Cooper, Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson you can imagine the style he has put together.

Not your average frontman, Crow puts on a show you have to see to believe!!!

So come check him out at a show near you!

Evil Roy

Evil Roy

 -  Guitarist & Vocals

Mainswitchs own "Motor City Madman"

Roy, aka "EVIL", has been playing guitar and several other instruments for a very very long time!

Roy has been influenced by many styles of music from celtic, blues, classical and of course RocknRoll!

"Just here til my ship comes in"

If only the good die young then Evil will live forever!

Robbie Boy

Robbie Boy

 -  Guitarist & Vocals

Rock & Roll Robbie Boy is a "Bad, Bad Boy", a "Rock & Roll Rebel", a "Beer Drinker & Hellraiser", a "Veteran Of the Psychic Wars", "Living On The Edge" of a "Rock & Roll Fantasy."

Appreciates: Gibson, Fender, Jackson, Boss, Dunlop, A.R.T., Danelectro, Planet Waves, Zoom, Marshall, Vox



 -  Drummer

Hails from deep inside the forest of Yubainia, a place far far far east of here. He learned to play at the age of 12 on pieces of wood, cardboard boxes whatever he could find. His first gig as a band was with his friends, and they called themselves "THE YUBANIAN SKUNK BAND".

Since then in his many adventures from the lands of old to the lands of new he has played with many formidable players adding a little more to his playing ability each time.

He is rarely late, always ready and willing to play, play, play, smoke, smoke, smoke, play, play, play, smoke, smoke, smoke, play some more, and oh we might as well smoke another one, ha, ha, ha.

He likes long hair, loud music, sex, drugs, and Rock´n´Roll. He also likes to play his drums barefoot, cause he says he can feel the music better. His drums are tilted so no one can really see him play, which is the way he likes it. But he really likes his Ganja, you know it´s always 4:20 somewhere.



 -  Bassmiester

Boots is a battle-scarred veteran of the music scene. Luckily his last "employer"...the COMPANY has done major facial surgery for "business" reasons!

12 arrests, no convictions, and 4 clean driver's licenses. We don't ask...he doesn't say. Favorite weapon is the "THUNDER STICK" a 1970 PRECISION well-known to stun at any range!!!
Favorite quote: Keep your friends close...your enemies closer