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All Trademarks (TM) are representative of upcoming trademarks. All content on this site is original to the band Mainswitch and/or it's site designer or affiliates [collectively "Mainswitch" for the remainder of this document]. Upon visiting this website you hereby agree to the following terms:

1. You will not use any content or multimedia (images, audio, etc) found here in any way which may be construed as damaging to Mainswitch in any form.

2. You agree that you will not use any content or multimedia (images, audio, etc) in any profitable form whatsoever without direct written consent, or contractual consent from Mainswitch as an entity, including but not limited to every band member, it's manager, and if required, it's website designer.

3a. You agree that you will not use any content or multimedia (images, audio, etc) for your personal use without consent from the band. Though we promote that our fans create content of their own, we ask that you do so by utilizing our contact page for permission for content you intend to publish on the internet or in public in any way. If you do not conform to this agreement you place yourself in subject to applicable law.

3b. That after you conform to agreement 3 part a, you also agree to allow us the right to place a link to your fan website on our webpage so long as we feel your content is applicable, correct, and with all good intentions for Mainswitch.

4. You agree that this agreement could change at any time without notice and that you continue to agree to this document in whole no matter it's ammendments and changes.

5. You agree to understand that Mainswitch is in no way "out to get" anyone legally, and that Mainswitch intends to entertain people, crowds, and fans. You also agree to understand that having said this, Mainswitch as an entity must also protect itself.

Mainswitch thanks you for your understanding!